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Kevin Merritt

Talking Open Data rollouts

Join a conversation with Kevin Merritt, CEO of Socrata, a Seattle-based company supporting government open data rollouts. Merritt discusses open data principles, open standards and APIs, and how to use social principles to…

Andy Krzmarzick

Gov 2.0 Expo

Join a discussion on Gov 2.0 and the recent Gov 2.0 Expo with conference circuit veteran and GovLoop community manager Andy Krzmarzick, with fresh perspective from GovLoop intern and Syracuse public diplomacy student…

Alena Popova

Gov 2.0 – From DC to Russia

Join us for look at the Gov 2.0 Expo from Alena Popova, Russian entrepreneur and founder of Duma 2.0, live from Washington, DC. Alena cites presentations by Tim Berners-Lee, Dustin Haisler, Tim O’Reilly…


Gov as Platform is here to stay

A year after our kick-off interview with Tim O’Reilly about his plans for Gov 2.0 conferences in Washington, DC. we bring you a discussion of Gov 2.0 with O’Reilly Media Gov 2.0 experts Laurel…


Web 2.0 Expo and Gov 2.0 Summit

Join us in conversation with O’Reilly Media’s Tim O’Reilly with special guests Sally Lieber, three-term Assemblywoman from Silicon Valley, and Michael Russell on DC’s upcoming Gov 2.0 Camp. How you can use this…

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