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Collaborative tech in emergency planning + response

Jessica Jackson and Michael Walter from the City of Houston’s Office of Emergency Management talk about the Southeast Texas Regional Technology Seminar & Fair, which has a focus on technology, best practices and regional collaboration in the area of emergency management and public safety.

Open Austin

Julio Gonzalez Altamirano + Matt Esquibel: Opening Austin

We’re joined by Julio Gonzalez Altamirano from Open Austin and Matt Esquibel from the City of Austin to talk about open government, open data, and civic application development in the city. A lot…

Round Rock Texas

Local Gov – Mobile and Social

Brooks Bennett, technology specialist for the City of Round Rock, TX, joins Gov 2.0 Radio discussion of how this medium-sized city uses low-cost technologies and agile development processes to engage with citizens and…

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Big Ideas for Local America

Join a fast-paced conversation about innovation in local government and emergency management with Govfresh founder Luke Fretwell, Manor, TX, CIO Dustin Haisler and Bob Greenberg of G&H International Services. We discuss the upcoming…

Price Floyd

The Pentagon and Public Engagement

Price Floyd is the newly appointed Special Advisor for International Communication at the Department of Defense. He’s an active twitterer, a keynote speaker on social media and strategic communications at the Gov 2.0…


Collaboration, Innovation and Social Media in Government

Join a great discussion of the Open Government Directive and Twitter, collaboration and ideation in government, with guests Jenn Gustetic from Phase One Consulting Group, Dave Briggs of Learning Pool, and Swimfish CIO…

Dustin Haisler

Manor, TX – Local Government Innovation

Guest Dustin Haisler, CIO of Manor, Texas, discusses Manor Labs and local government innovation. Laurel Ruma of O’Reilly Media also joins us at the top of the hour. How you can use this…

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