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Multimedia activism

Bringing it all together: Wiggio is a tool for bringing teams together through text, voice, e-mail and more on a streamlined Web interface. We talk with CEO Dana Lampert about building the tool,…


Leveraging Your Community

San Francisco startup UserVoice allows governments, politicians, nonprofits and businesses small and large to harness the ideas and feedback of their employees, communities and citizens online. Gov 2.0 Radio talks with CEO Richard…


Oklahoma Trailblazing Gov 2.0

We talk with Sid Burgess and OK State Rep. Jason Murphey, chair of the Government Modernization Committee,  about the Gov 2.0a conference and open government legislation and practice in Oklahoma. How you can…

Making Gov 2.0 Happen in Massachusetts

Join a conversation with Jess Weiss, Mass.gov project analyst, and Brad Blake, director of new media for Governor Deval Patrick, about how the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is using social media, barcamps and other…


Collaboration, Innovation and Social Media in Government

Join a great discussion of the Open Government Directive and Twitter, collaboration and ideation in government, with guests Jenn Gustetic from Phase One Consulting Group, Dave Briggs of Learning Pool, and Swimfish CIO…

Gov 2.0 and social media

We host a Gov 2.0 discussion with two of Washington State’s most well-known social media practitioners, Walter Neary of the Lakewood City Council, and Barb Chamberlain, public affairs director for WSU. How you…


Doing It Your Way

We join Jill Miller Zimon (Pepper Pike, Ohio) and Ari Herzog (Newburyport, Mass.), both newly elected to their city councils, to discuss campaigns and personal and community empowerment in the social media era….


Web 2.0 Expo and Gov 2.0 Summit

Join us in conversation with O’Reilly Media’s Tim O’Reilly with special guests Sally Lieber, three-term Assemblywoman from Silicon Valley, and Michael Russell on DC’s upcoming Gov 2.0 Camp. How you can use this…

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