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A Plan for Openness: NASA’s Open Government Plan v2.0

NASA’s Nicholas Skytland and Alicia Llewellyn preview the NASA Open Government Plan 2.0 which highlights the progress that NASA has made in the Open Government arena, and plots a course for the future.


Countdown to OGP and NASA’s global Space Apps Challenge

In this special countdown episode, the White House’s Chris Vein and NASA’s Nicholas Skytland return to Gov 2.0 Radio. April 2012 will see the inaugural Open Government Partnership forum of 54 nations in Brasilia,…


Join the International Space Apps Challenge

Gov 2.0 Radio is pleased to be a communication partner for the NASA / Open Government Partnership International Space Apps Challenge worldwide. Over the weekend of April 21-22, cities around the world will…

Nicholas Skytland

Open Universe

Nicholas Skytland is NASA’s program manager for the Open Government Initiative. We talk to him about open government and NASA’s public participation and innovation programs, and the opportunities that new collaborative approaches presents…


From the Stars to the Cloud

How does NASA match good government and massive computational needs? By launching the federal governments most aggressive cloud computing pilot project, of course. Join us as we talk with Gretchen Curtis, NASA Nebula’s…


Tweets from Space

NASA isn’t just an early adopter of social media, they go BIG. First their astronauts were relaying tweets from space, then they were tweeting live from orbit. NASA has also holds space-themed tweetups…

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