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Major Juanita Chang

U.S. Army Social and Mobile

Social Media for the Warfighter: Join a discussion with Major Juanita Chang, U.S. Army Director, Online and Social Media Division, Office of the Chief of Public Affairs, and Matt MacLaughlin from SCoE Mobile, where…


Social Software Best Practices

NewsGator VP Eric Sauvé discusses social software deployments in the military and civilian government. High levels of social engagement behind the firewall are often linked to YouTube-like videos, game mechanics and rich profiles, he…

John Ohab

The Modern Military

Before there was Gov 2.0 Radio, there was Armed with Science, the Department of Defense’s BlogTalkRadio podcast highlighting the role of science and technology in the U.S. military. Join us for a discussion…

Price Floyd

The Pentagon and Public Engagement

Price Floyd is the newly appointed Special Advisor for International Communication at the Department of Defense. He’s an active twitterer, a keynote speaker on social media and strategic communications at the Gov 2.0…


Acquisition 2.0

Join us for a conversation with Mary Davie, Assistant Commissioner of GSA’s Office of Assisted Acquisition Services, and Noel Dickover of DoDTechipedia, about bringing government acquisition services into the digital age. How you…


More Military 2.0

Join in a discussion of how the modern military is using Web 2.0 tools to fulfil its mission. How you can use this episode Listen to the episode Share and feedback You can…


The US Air Force talking Gov2.0

Alan Black (@AFPADude on Twitter), Chief for Public Affairs Force Management for the USAF & Dave Faggard Chief, New Media and Emerging Technology at Office of the Secretary of the Air Force for…

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