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From the Stars to the Cloud

How does NASA match good government and massive computational needs? By launching the federal governments most aggressive cloud computing pilot project, of course. Join us as we talk with Gretchen Curtis, NASA Nebula’s…


Tweets from Space

NASA isn’t just an early adopter of social media, they go BIG. First their astronauts were relaying tweets from space, then they were tweeting live from orbit. NASA has also holds space-themed tweetups…


Growing the Gov 2.0 Movement

Join us for a discussion of Gov 2.0 barriers and strategy with tech and politics writer Sarah Granger and Luke Fretwell of Govfresh. What are the best strategies for taking the movement to…


Collaboration, Innovation and Social Media in Government

Join a great discussion of the Open Government Directive and Twitter, collaboration and ideation in government, with guests Jenn Gustetic from Phase One Consulting Group, Dave Briggs of Learning Pool, and Swimfish CIO…

Chris Doborek

Gov Tech News Now

A conversation with Chris Dorobek, co-anchor at Federal News Radio and past editor-in-chief of Federal Computer Week. We discuss the changing face of journalism in the digital age, the past and future of…

Gov 2.0 and social media

We host a Gov 2.0 discussion with two of Washington State’s most well-known social media practitioners, Walter Neary of the Lakewood City Council, and Barb Chamberlain, public affairs director for WSU. How you…


Growing GovLoop

It was a big week for Gov 2.0 Radio co-host Steve Ressler, as his social network, GovLoop, joined G2C communications provider GovDelivery and Steve left the feds to manage the community full time….


Web 2.0 Expo and Gov 2.0 Summit

Join us in conversation with O’Reilly Media’s Tim O’Reilly with special guests Sally Lieber, three-term Assemblywoman from Silicon Valley, and Michael Russell on DC’s upcoming Gov 2.0 Camp. How you can use this…

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