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Mobile Mission Control

Organizing Your Crowd: Joe Edelman, founder of Groundcrew, and Joseph Porcelli of Neighbors for Neighbors join Gov 2.0 Radio for a discussion of the Groundcrew technology, which allows organizers to use smartphones, Twitter…


Open Source in Government

Open Source Websites in Government: Dries Buytaert and Tim Bertrand of Acquia join Gov 2.0 Radio’s Adriel Hampton and Steve Ressler for a discussion of open source software and open government. Dries, who…

San Francisco

Building Gov 2.0 Community in San Francisco

CityCampSF, OpenSF, Code for America, oh my!: Some of San Francisco’s top social media, tech and civic innovators discuss the use of new communications technologies in the Egyptian revolution, and how to build…

US Capitol

The State of Gov 2.0 and OpenGov

Community organizers join in a live discussion and concurrent web chat to discuss OpenGov and Gov 2.0. Some of the questions we’ll examine: What is the general state of the opengov and Gov…


Bringing Social Advocacy Tools to the Grassroots

Join a discussion with Andrew Wright, co-founder of Grasshop about effective grassroots advocacy and the social Web.  We explore the new ways that social web tools are bringing new life to advocacy organisations…


The Best of Gov 2.0 in 2010

Lauren Modeen and Shannon Donelson of GovLoop join us to discuss the best of government collaboration, social media and more in 2010.  Highlights, case studies and looking forward to what’s coming in 2011….

David Sacks

Enterprise Social Networking

David Sacks, CEO of Yammer, talks about internal social networking, building teams with collaborative networks, finding and archiving the best questions and answers in your business, and future expansions of Yammer’s enterprise social…

Heather Krasna

Jobs that Matter

Join a conversation with career counselor Heather Krasna about her new book, “Jobs That Matter – Find a Stable, Fulfilling Career in Public Service.” Heather talks about finding the right job for the…

Mark Malseed

Gov Social Media Wonders and Blunders

OhMyGov is one of the early success stories in the government social media community – a startup news site and public affairs consulting firm dedicated to highlighting Gov 2.0 innovations. Join us for…

Andy Krzmarzick

Gov 2.0 Expo

Join a discussion on Gov 2.0 and the recent Gov 2.0 Expo with conference circuit veteran and GovLoop community manager Andy Krzmarzick, with fresh perspective from GovLoop intern and Syracuse public diplomacy student…

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