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Legistar Long Beach

An E-Gov Approach to Legislative Data

We talk to Granicus and City of Long Beach about the ROI of going digital and cloud with municipal legislative data. We also talk about Granicus’ approach to open data and its acquisition…

Ross Mayfield

Your Thoughts and Documents, Everywhere

We chat with Ross Mayfield of SocialText and SlideShare: The co-founder of SocialText and VP of Business Development for SlideShare talks us about how governments use social technology; Zipcast and free social meetings…


Mobile Citizen Summit, sf.govfresh and SFOpen 2011

Talking Mobile and Mayors: Julie Germany and Lovisa Williams talk about the first Mobile Citizen Summit, and Luke Fretwell and Brian Purchia chat about the new sf.GovFresh and the SFOpen 2011 mayoral forum. How…

James Dellow

Social Business and Gov 2.0

Social, Inside and Out: Join us for a discussion of social business with Daschis/Headshift consultant James Dellow on making complex organizations social. “Social business doesn’t really differentiate between government and non-government” says Dellow….


The Evolution of Open Gov

Open Government: Tom Spengler and Javier Muniz, co-founders of the government webstreaming company Granicus speak with us about the evolution of open government since 1999, cloud provisioning, going paperless with the iPad, public…


Open-Sourcing Government Web

OpenPublic: Jeff Walpole, CEO and co-founder of Phase2 Technology, joins Gov 2.0 Radio for a discussion of Drupal and open-source Web development for government. Wapole’s company has worked on high-profile site launches like…


Open Source in Government

Open Source Websites in Government: Dries Buytaert and Tim Bertrand of Acquia join Gov 2.0 Radio’s Adriel Hampton and Steve Ressler for a discussion of open source software and open government. Dries, who…

Pacific coast

Open Gov Along the Pacific Coast

Join a discussion with Sarah Schacht and Stephanie Hayes about Open Gov West and promoting civic innovation and government access from San Francisco to Vancouver and beyond. Sarah is director of Knowledge as…


Bringing Social Advocacy Tools to the Grassroots

Join a discussion with Andrew Wright, co-founder of Grasshop about effective grassroots advocacy and the social Web.  We explore the new ways that social web tools are bringing new life to advocacy organisations…

Mark Amtower

Selling to the Government

Government Market Master Mark Amtower talks about his latest book, “Selling to the Government” and forecasts major government business trends for 2011, including green products and cyber security. We also discuss the growing…

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