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James Kliemt

Social Media for Emergency Management

From the News Media to Moms and Dads – Twitter and Facebook in a Crisis: James Kliemt, senior digital communications officer with the Queensland Police, joins us to discuss using social media as…


Bringing Social Advocacy Tools to the Grassroots

Join a discussion with Andrew Wright, co-founder of Grasshop about effective grassroots advocacy and the social Web.  We explore the new ways that social web tools are bringing new life to advocacy organisations…

Nic Adler

Social Media for Community and Economic Development

Nic Adler, owner of The Roxy live music club, joins Gov 2.0 Radio to share the story of how he and other business owners have used social media to revitalize the legendary Sunset…

Heather Krasna

Jobs that Matter

Join a conversation with career counselor Heather Krasna about her new book, “Jobs That Matter – Find a Stable, Fulfilling Career in Public Service.” Heather talks about finding the right job for the…

Price Floyd

The Pentagon and Public Engagement

Price Floyd is the newly appointed Special Advisor for International Communication at the Department of Defense. He’s an active twitterer, a keynote speaker on social media and strategic communications at the Gov 2.0…


SFPUC: Making a Social Media Splash

Join a conversation with Amy Sinclair, who has helped turn the  San Francisco Public Utilities Commission into a social media powerhouse, with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogging, video contests and more. How you can…


Doing It Your Way

We join Jill Miller Zimon (Pepper Pike, Ohio) and Ari Herzog (Newburyport, Mass.), both newly elected to their city councils, to discuss campaigns and personal and community empowerment in the social media era….


Listening and Responding with Social Media

We talk with Overtone VP Neil Patil and Gov 2.0 consultant Peter Corbett about enabling collaborative government using Web 2.0 tools. How you can use this episode Listen to the episode If you…

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