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Pillbox app

Future Health

Join us for a fast-paced discussion with Walter Luh and Gilbert Guerrero of Ansca Mobile discussing their new Pillbox app for iPhone and Android, and Andrew Wilson of SAMHSA on health mashups and…

Alena Popova

Gov 2.0 – From DC to Russia

Join us for look at the Gov 2.0 Expo from Alena Popova, Russian entrepreneur and founder of Duma 2.0, live from Washington, DC. Alena cites presentations by Tim Berners-Lee, Dustin Haisler, Tim O’Reilly…

david hale

Health 2.0 and “Coopetition”

In conversation with David Hale about the Pillbox project, and brainstorming the future of gov. Feature image courtesy Medicine 2.0 How you can use this episode Listen to the episode Share and feedback…

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