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Maurits van der Vlugt

Crowdsourcing emergencies with Bushfire Connect

In this episode, we chat with Maurits van der Vlugt, one of the co-founders of Australia’s Bushfire Connect service on the power of the crowd in an emergency. Maurits talks candidly about the…

Paul Dombowsky

Ideas – and Cash – From the Crowd

Join Gov 2.0 Radio for a conversation with Paul Dombowsky, creator of Ideavibes and Fundchange, on crowdsourcing ideas and funding for social innovation. How you can use this episode Listen to the episode…


Mobile Mission Control

Organizing Your Crowd: Joe Edelman, founder of Groundcrew, and Joseph Porcelli of Neighbors for Neighbors join Gov 2.0 Radio for a discussion of the Groundcrew technology, which allows organizers to use smartphones, Twitter…

Geordie Adams

Structured Innovation in the Public Sector

Geordie Adams, co-founder of Publivate, talks about creating and sustaining innovation in the public sector enterprise. How you can use this episode Listen to the episode Share and feedback You can use the…

Rob Hoehn

Saas Before the Cloud was Cool

Join us for a conversation with IdeaScale co-founder Rob Hoehn. In the fourth of our series on crowdsourcing, innovation and ideation in the government and enterprise, Rob talks about how business clients are…


Ideation, crowdsourcing and innovation in government

BrightIdea has powered innovation campaign for the government of Ireland, City of San Francisco, and has a new contract with the U.S. State Department. It’s also the platform behind the $200 million GE…


Ideation and Innovation

We talk with Hutch Carpenter of Spigit about engaging internal and external stakeholders in the ideation process using Web tools and game mechanics, and how these techniques can be useful for governments. How…

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