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Damian Thorman

Tech for Engagement: Mapping the Field

Two years ago, the Knight Foundation embarked on a program to look at ideas, tools and projects to increase civic engagement and participation. Damian Thorman, National Program Director, shares some insights from the KF Tech for Engagement initiative so far, and highlights some of the key focus areas for collaboration in the future.


Creating the Commons – building civic connections for innovation

Building a culture of collaboration and participation is a key ingredient to making innovative programs work in cities.

Mark Headd talks about his time with Code for America as their Head of Government Relations, and shares some of the emergent learnings from the intersection between the various elements of CfA’s program – the cities, the fellows, the brigade, the commons and now the start-ups.

Nick Grossman

The Civic Commons

Nick Grossman joins Gov 2.0 Radio for a conversation about civic innovation, including the latest from Civic Commons and how to communicate the benefits of tech-enabled civic transformation to leaders as well as…

Open Austin

Julio Gonzalez Altamirano + Matt Esquibel: Opening Austin

We’re joined by Julio Gonzalez Altamirano from Open Austin and Matt Esquibel from the City of Austin to talk about open government, open data, and civic application development in the city. A lot…


Participatory redistricting

Hear from Michael P McDonald and Micah Altman of the Public Mapping Project, which is an organization that is using open source software to enable people to create their own redistricting maps and…

Kevin Curry

Code for America Brigade

Kevin Curry, founder of CityCamp, talks about Brigade, the new civic tech organizing program he’s heading up for Code for America that seeks to energise the tech developer community across the US to…

Russell Wallace

Crowdfunding Public Works with CivicSponsor

Russell Wallace has a plan to bring crowdfunding to your neighborhood parks and other public works projects throughout the country. We talk with Russ about his new startup, CivicSponsor, and partnerships he’s developing…

Deb Boyer

Opening Philly’s Data

Join us for a great discussion of open data practices in Philadelphia. Deb Boyer is a project manager with Azavea and Open Data Philly, the public-private partnership opening up government, nonprofit and business…

Ohio Citizen Action

Citizen action meets social media

Join us for a discussion with Angela Oster, director of online for Ohio Citizen Action. How are civic groups that built their membership with door to door and phone canvasses adapting to the…

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