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Take a peek behind the scenes of the local Space Apps events being planned in cities around the world by enthusiastic volunteers.

You can find out more about each of the participating cities on the International Space Apps website at

You can also listen to our deep dives with Challenge subject matter experts and feature interviews from the central team in the countdown to the event.  And don’t forget, we’ll be bringing you regular ’round the world’ event updates throughout the course of the Challenge weekend.

San Francisco


Local lead organizer: Willow Brugh supported by Dan Woods
Space Apps location page: San Francisco

Carl Sagan, tacos and global tech4good. A fun chat with Willow Brugh
of Geeks Without Bounds & Dan Woods of TechShop about the
International Space Apps mainstage city event in San Francisco.

@willowbl00 @GWOBorg @Danl_Woods @TechShop

New York


Local lead organizer: Donn Morrill, Exec Director, NY Tech Council
Space Apps location page: New York

NY Tech Council Executive Director and Founder Donn Morrill chats
about the NYC tech sector, the StartUp Bus and New York City’s
International Space Apps Challenge event.

@NYTEchCouncil @PivotalLabs @mik3cap @TheStartupBus NY Digital City Roadmap (PDF) > @RachelSterne




Local lead organizers: David Lagomasino and Stephanie Long
Space Apps location page: Miami

Meet the super keen organizing team behind Miami’s Space Apps
Challenge event – David Lagomasino and Stephanie Long from Florida
International University, as well as Jose and Jay from local sponsor

@DLagomasino @slong001 @CBIL360 SpaceApps Miami Facebook page

Santo Domingo


Local lead organizer: Ray Hernandez
Space Apps location page: Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo city lead Ray Hernandez from Las Americas Institute of
Technology brings a developing country perspective to the International
Space Apps Challenge.




Local lead organizers: Angelina Fabbro and Bill Mills
Space Apps location page: Vancouver

Vancouver organizing team Angelina Fabbro and Bill Mills talk about
how they are looking forward to showing as many people as possible
how fun it can be to interact with “big blue ribbon science”

@billdoesphysics @angelinamagnum

Melbourne + Sydney / Canberra / Adelaide


Local lead organizer: Naomi Mathers
Space Apps location page: Melbourne + Sydney / Canberra / Adelaide

Australian organizer Naomi Mathers, together with Andrew Maher from
partner organization Arup, explain how the Space Apps challenge
across 4 Australian cities will have a local thematic focus on the built
environment, regional development, climate adaptation and disaster

@spaceappsAU @NaomiMathers @arupaustralia




Local lead organizers: Simeon Oriko
Space Apps location page: Nairobi

Simeon Oriko from the iHub in Nairobi, Kenya, discusses Pete’s coffee, how hackathons create new shared opportunities, and the enabling power of Space Apps on a developing country with no space program.

@ihub @mtotowajirani



Local lead organizer: Andreas Hornig
Space Apps location page: Stuttgart

Andreas Hornig talks about the Space Apps Challenge at the Stuttgart ShackSpace which is drawing interest from across Germany and even France.  He says every project will be a starting point for doing some good.

@andreashornig @shackspace




Local lead organizer: Mike Saunby
Space Apps location page: Exeter

Mike Saunby gives us a sneak preview of the Exeter event, where the expertise (and hidden talents!) of the Met Office team will be on hand to guide local participants through the challenge weekend.

@msaunby @metoffice



Lead organizers: Alp Burak Pehlivan and Mahmut Demirst
Space Apps location page: Istanbul

Alp Burak Pehlivan and Mahmut Demirst from Base-Istanbul talk about the developer community in Turkey’s capital, open hardware and being inspired by a fellow Space Apps lead organizer in Stuttgart.

Türkçe özetini dinleyin (Listen to Turkish language summary)

@baseistanbul @alp_x @mdemirst




Local lead organizers: Hal Seki and Fumi Yamakazi
Space Apps location page: Tokyo

Hear from Fumi Yamazaki of Google Japan about space ice cream, a Japanese astronaut special guest, Hayabusa and the Japanese community of space lovers as well as apps to help in such crises as the 311 disaster.

@Fumi @hal_sk

Other cities


You can find out more about each of the participating cities on the International Space Apps website at

(CC) City images courtesy Manish Vohra, Joan Grifols, Kevin Lau, Evan Leeson, Kay Gaensler, Paul Hocksenar,
Steve Arnold, Neal Jennings, Stefan Jurgensen, Tik-Tok, Alexander Johmann, Rockman of Zymurgy, Ilkin, Vincent van der Pas

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