Gov 2.0 reference

Following are some useful links courtesy of our guests:

Gov 2.0 Blogs

  • Andrea Di Maio A top Government 2.0 blog by a Gartner analyst, with an international approach
  • AriWriter Ari Herzog’s blog on social media strategy
  • Canadian Public Service Renewal ‘Scheming virtuously’ with a pair of Canadian federal public servants
  • Candi on Content Passionate about improving the way government serves citizens
  • Cheeky Fresh
  • Citizen Tools It’s up to us
  • Craig Newmark The Craigslist founder has become a key advocate for Gov 2.0 and our veterans
  • E-Democracy Project E-Democracy.Org builds online public space in the heart of real democracy and community
  • Generation Shift Andrew Krzmarzick: Paving the path for the next generation of government
  • Government 2.0 Beta A blog by Jeffrey Levy, the EPA’s pioneering social media and Gov 2.0 champion.
  • GovTwit blog Steve Lunceford’s blog for the world’s largest directory of official Twitter accounts
  • MiXT Media Maxine Teller: the convergence of media, innovation, communications, society and technology
  • Open Budgets Blog Citizen participation in the government budget process improves the quality and responsiveness of government budgets
  • Shepherd’s Pi Thoughs from Microsoft technologist Lewis Shepherd
  • Social Media Strategery Steve Radick’s blog on social media for the enterprise
  • Wired to Share Adriel Hampton’s blog on Creating Gov 2.0 and Social Media

Gov 2.0 Networks

Knowledge Wikis

  • OpenGov Playbook A workspace for open government practitioners at the federal, state, and local levels to share questions and effective practices about the Open Government Directive
  • Social Media Subcouncil Web 2.0 governance policies and best practices

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