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Gov 2.0 Radio is pleased to be part of the Australian Public Sector Innovation Week.  Throughout the week, we’ll be producing a series of interviews with guest speakers, event organisers and participants, as well as a live GovStream video Q&A segment at GovCamp Canberra for remote participants.

Feature interviews

Federal agency leads international service GovJam

A case of big government “innovating about doing innovation”.  To demo co-creation of user-centric problem solving, the Australian Government’s Department of Innovation is leading a national and worldwide network of 48 hour service Jam events in a collaboration with the @GSJam team and others.  Wayne Larkin and Mikaela Griffiths take us through the stages of service design.

Global Service Jam connects dots worldwide with government

A fun and inspiring chat with the German-based team behind Global Service Jam events who are now collaborating with the Australian Department of Innovation to pilot GovJams nationally and worldwide.  Hear Adam Lawrence and Markus Hormeß on the stages of service rapid prototyping, city-specific Jams and… lots of inspiring stuff.

Code Cadets jump into GovHack… and win!

 100yrs We chat with Matt Purcell, IT and Commerce Teacher and student Lochie Ferrier from Canberra Grammar School who participated in the GovHack, and won the ‘Best Spirit of GovHack Award for 100 Years.  This is an iPad application which provides a visual representation (data visualisation) of the past 100 years of rainfall and temperature data provided by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. While many applications provide jumpy and difficult to follow visualisations, Matt and Lochie intend to provide a much more appealing and easily understood representation of this historical information.

2.0 is changing the economic definition of public goods. Or is it?

ngruen Nicholas Gruen, economist and former chair of the Australian Gov 2.0 Taskforce debates the ways in which 2.0 thinking and technologies are changing economic definitions of public goods.In this far-ranging discussion, Nicholas explains how Gov 2.0 is a nexus between ‘Jefferson’s dream’ of the transformative potential of ideas as public goods, and ‘Schumpeter’s nightmare’ of the chaos of direct democracy.  He argues that democracy is chaos unless it’s mediated by specialists, and that the social web actually makes it harder to get the leaders we need to govern.

Sharing knowledge, standards and code through the Open Technology Foundation

The Open Technology Foundation is an Australian-based organisation that is a ‘hub’ for technology and people networks in Government to share, reuse and co-invest in open technology initiatives across the public sector.OTF Chair Terry Cutler and General Manager Steve Schmid tell us about why the Foundation is a timely initiative, and how they are working to ‘federate’ data, code and experiences to escalate open technology take-up across all tiers of Government.

The community as first responder: Social media in local emergencies


The Black Saturday fires devastated Australia and shocked the world. Now, the Country Fire Authority of Victoria has become a leading example of the use of social media for emergency management, winning this year’s Australian eGovernment award.

Martin Anderson, CFA’s Digital Media Manager and Australian Government 2.0 Innovator of the Year for 2012, explains how the experience of the February 2009 fires highlighted the importance of social communication tools in emergency situations, and that even within a command-and-control environment, agencies need to look outside the box, be flexible and improvise.

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