Our topic categories

Our core topics currently cover the following issues:

When we talk about e-Government, we mean the processes and systems involved in delivering government services electronically. As a general rule, this field of endeavour tends to be internally-focused within government, whether it be intra-agency, inter-governmental or between different tiers of government to streamline service delivery for citizens.

Gov 2.0
For many, the term Gov 2.0 describes the use of social media tools as a communication and consultation channel between citizens, customers and stakeholders. We share the view of many thought leaders that is broader; that Gov 2.0 is about a type of ’systemic connectedness’ – a willingness and capacity to transform the business of government (and governance) through the connective power of the net… connecting across agency silos, between policy and program delivery, between levels of government, and between government and citizens.

Open Gov
The third element in the connected government ’troika’ is the rapidly evolving arena of open data, transparent processes and new forms of trans-agency or trans-sectoral collaboration to build applications and deliver services with a public purpose.

This collection of content looks at innovation in the public sphere in a number of ways, from examples of new ways of designing policy to solutions that break the mould.

We particularly enjoy featuring individuals and organisations – inside and outside government – who are pushing boundaries and taking chances in the name of a more connected public sphere.

Cases and conversations about social everything!  Think media, communication, tools, services, networks and more.

For many, the civic space is where we experience community – and the newer tools of connection make it possible for us to do community in ways that frame the ’new local’ for each of us.

The civic space is where a lot of innovation incubates and takes root, closest to the ground. Here you’ll find conversations with local leaders, public sector practitioners, innovators and change-makers about how they’re working to create more connected, liveable, digital cities and communities.

Technology is really ’just’ the enabler behind all the innovative potential facing the public sphere – but it’s changing at a rapid rate, and we want to help you keep in touch with the latest developments.  So, here you’ll find a growing showcase of interesting and innovative solutions from the private sector, social entrepreneurs and government agencies.

Take-up of mobile technology is growing exponentially, right across the world, and citizens are turning to their smartphones and portable gadgets to connect with government.  M-everything is escalating the innovations of e-gov, gov 2.0 and open gov, and taking good government to the streets.  Now you can tune in to a range of conversations about how government practitioners and others are meeting this challenge.

Open Data
Open Data is the hot issue of the moment, and Governments are facing an ever increasing demand for access to public data. Here we’re curating an ongoing series of discussions with Open Data practitioners at all levels – city, county, state, national and international – to share their experiences and examples of emerging practice.

One of the special areas of focus will be how cities are holding app competitions and hackathons. What’s really working?

Gov 2.0 Radio 2018 - Share, Remix, Reuse