Gov 2.0 Radio is pleased to be a media partner for the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance (ICEGOV) in 2012.

In the lead-up to the October conference, the the G2R team will be producing a series of preview interviews with guest speakers and the event convenors to start the discussion about this year’s theme of Open Innovation for Global Change.

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ICEGOV 2012 snapshot previews (~5 mins)

Hear about ICEGOV from the organisers

Theresa Pardo (ICEGOV 2012 Conference Co-Chair)
Director, Center for Technology in Government at the University at Albany, State University of New York

Speaker preview – click ‘play’ button above  Theresa Pardo explains the background of the ICEGOV conference and the relevance of an international gathering on electronic governance, and shares her thoughts on the key themes to be discusses at this year’s ICEGOV event.  [For Gov 2.0 Radio extended interview + links, see here]


David Ferriero (ICEGOV 2012 Conference Co-Chair)
Archivist of the United States, US National Archives and Records Administration
Speaker preview – click ‘play’ button above  David Ferriero explains why he believes that the relationship between open government and recordkeeping is so important. [For Gov 2.0 Radio extended interview + links, see here]


Professor Jim Hendler (ICEGOV 2012 National Advisory Committee)
Tetherless World Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Speaker preview – click ‘play’ button above  Jim Hendler talks about  the emerging role of open data in the eGovernment discussion and highlights the opportunity presented by events like ICEGOV to bring people from different disciplines together. [For Gov 2.0 Radio extended interview + links, see here]


Hear about ICEGOV from the speakers

Tomasz Janowski
Senior Research Fellow and Head of USU-IIST Center for Electronic Governance
Speaker preview – click ‘play’ button above  Tomasz explains eGovernance is a timely and enduring issue that appeals to a wide range of roles and disciplines at the annual ICEGOV conference. [For Gov 2.0 Radio extended interview + links, see here]


Jeanne Holm
Chief Knowledge Architect for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Evangelist for Data.Gov 
Speaker preview – click ‘play’ button above  
Jeanne Holm speaks about the importance of collaboration for events like ICEGOV, and how eGovernance is now a more timely subject for discussion than ever.  [For Gov 2.0 Radio extended interview + links, see here]


Barbara Ubaldi
E-Government Project Leader, OECD
Speaker preview – click ‘play’ button above  
Barbara Ubaldi shares her thoughts on why eGovernance is a theme that needs to be discussed across jurisdictions and national borders.  [For Gov 2.0 Radio extended interview + links, see here]


Dr Anne Thurston
Director and Founder, International Records Management Trust

Speaker preview – click ‘play’ button above  
Anne Thurston previews some of her thoughts on the importance of digital recordkeeping and preservation to e-Government and Open Government, and discusses the role of international forums like ICEGOV in enhancing the development agenda.  [For Gov 2.0 Radio extended interview + links, see here]

extended interviews
(~30 mins)

David Ferriero on Social media, record-keeping and open government

Theresa Pardo on Open government & public value: Beyond the bottom-line

Nigel Shadbolt on Launching the Open Data Institute: Bottom-up, middle-out, top-down

Tomasz Janowski on Control and trust: the future of governance 

Barbara Ubaldi on The ongoing eGovernment evolution

Dr Anne Thurston on Open Government and public sector records

Prof. Jim Hendler on The Semantic Web: Data linked to data = New insights

Jeanne Holm on – communities, voices, value

Past G2R interviews

Hear ICEGOV 2012 speakers in past interviews on Gov 2.0 Radio:


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