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Gov 2.0 Radio has always been about the people… on both sides of the microphone. Since 2009 it’s been so much more than the host and producers who created it and keep it running. The success of Gov 2.0 Radio has been in the circle of people who have supported the podcast through advice and other input.

It’s also been the emerging network of correspondents who recommend material or guests for interview. And who, as the new GovCampus initiative develops, will be taking more of a front row seat. (It could be you!)

Allison Hornery and John Wells Hosts and producers

Gov 2.0 Radio has been produced by the Cofluence team of Allison Hornery and John Wells.

Gov 2.0 founding team

Gov 2.0 Radio was originally anchored and produced by Adriel Hampton from San Francisco. Adriel was regularly joined by co-hosts Steve Ressler of GovLoop and Steve Lunceford of GovTwit.

One regular participant in the live international audience was Allison Hornery, who at the time was piloting the CivicTEC initiative. Allison was also one of the occasional guest hosts and, in February 2011, became Adriel’s permanent co-host and co-producer.

In early 2012, Adriel made a tough (but exciting) decision to focus exclusively on his evolving commitment to NationBuilder, and handed over the production of Gov 2.0 Radio to the Cofluence team.

With over 1.7 million downloads, Gov 2.0 Radio has now been folded into a new initiative – GovCampus – reflecting a broader range of topics and a new ‘social knowledge’ approach.  Check it out at GovCampus.co

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