G2R so far

The  weekly program format has been running for four years and will soon hit 1.4m downloads.  We have featured brief news roundups as well as in-depth interviews with tech leaders, civic innovators and public sector practitioners from federal, State or Local government.

Gov 2.0 Radio has covered events from the US State of the Union to the first Gov 2.0 Camp and the International Space Apps Challenge.  We have reported live from the launch of the World e-Government Organization in Seoul and the annual UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva through to weekend hackathons and local events such as CityCamp Raleigh.

Who have we talked with?

From Tim O’Reilly and Craig Newmark, to the  CEOs of startups Yammer, UserVoice and SeeClickFix; from Lovisa Williams and Mark Drapeau in DC to John Tolva in Chicago, Nicholas Skytland in Houston, to Jay Nath in San Francisco and Chris Vein in… Seoul!  Not to mention Alena Popova in Moscow.  You can find these episodes through our Gov 2.0 Radio tags list.

We’ve talked about…

As well as profiles of people, city initiatives, organisations and country programs.

Some of our more popular content has included

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