Connected gov?

“Connected government” – the way we think at Gov 2.0 Radio

conectedgovFor some, there can be confusion about the ongoing relevance of e-Gov, Gov 2.0 and Open Gov. Some people see them as an evolutionary continuum. We see it more as concentric circles, or expanding spheres.


Our experience suggests that e-Gov is essentially about good government processes enabled through ICT and connective tech.

It may not always be social, it may not always be online and is frequently particularly for those jurisdictions still ’getting it right’. It often necessarily focuses on the internal back office of government.

Gov 2.0:

In turn, good Gov 2.0 is best built on the solid foundation of well-implemented e-gov. For many, the term Gov 2.0 describes the use of social media tools as a communication and consultation channel between citizens, customers and stakeholders.

We share the view of many thought leaders that is broader; that Gov 2.0 is about a type of ’systemic connectedness’ – a willingness and capacity to transform the business of government (and governance) through the connective power of the net… connecting across agency silos, between policy and program delivery, between levels of government, and between government and citizens.

Open Gov:

Truly embraced and effective open government best evolves where there is a firm comprehension and experience of the benefits to politicians and the public sector of connected, social interaction between various spheres and players, even – if not especially – where this may cause perceived risks.

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