Technology is really ’just’ the enabler behind all the innovative potential facing the public sphere – but it’s changing at a rapid rate, and we want to help you keep in touch with the latest developments.  
So, here you’ll find a growing showcase of interesting and innovative solutions from the private sector, social entrepreneurs and government agencies.


GTEC 2013 and the landscape of GovTech in Canada

Government Technology Exhibition and Conference (GTEC) is widely regarded as Canada’s pre-eminent Gov-Tech Conference. Thom Kearney and Richard Pietro talk to us about their experiences with the 2013 conference in October and, against that backdrop, discuss at how the govtech landscape is shifting in Canada.


OpenCF Summit

Listen to a conversation with Jason Blum and Matt Woodward from the Office of the Sergeant at Arms at the United States Senate about the upcoming Open CF Summit and Hackfest.  Jason and…

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