Utah.Gov saves $61m through online service delivery

The State of Utah has been well regarded for a number of years for its portal at, and the University of Utah’s Center for Public Policy and Administration has recently completed a study to quantify the financial benefit of delivering these online government services. The results – based on just nine online services from over 1,200 available at – found a total of $61 million saved over five years.


Collaborative tech in emergency planning + response

Jessica Jackson and Michael Walter from the City of Houston’s Office of Emergency Management talk about the Southeast Texas Regional Technology Seminar & Fair, which has a focus on technology, best practices and regional collaboration in the area of emergency management and public safety.

Sebastian James

Cook County’s Open Data Portal

Join Gov 2.0 Radio for a discussion talk with Cook County’s Deputy Director of New Media Sebastian James. We chat about about the launch of, and the challenges facing counties in moving…

Bryan Sivak

2.0 Meets Acts of Nature in Maryland

We talk with Bryan Sivak, new chief innovation officer for the State of Maryland, about innovating in government, and trying to keep a web-savvy citizenry up to speed during the recent DC-area earthquake…

Alex Pettit

State CIO Challenges

Join a conversation with Alex Pettit about how state CIOs are adapting to emerging technologies on limited budgets and how the Gov 2.0 and open data movements are impacting the state of Oklahoma….

Making Gov 2.0 Happen in Massachusetts

Join a conversation with Jess Weiss, project analyst, and Brad Blake, director of new media for Governor Deval Patrick, about how the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is using social media, barcamps and other…


Gov 2.0 for State and Local Government

Joining us to talk about using social media and new technology in a local and state government context are communications specialist Cara Keithley and consultant and social media trailblazer Steve Radick. How you…

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