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Social media, record-keeping and open government

David Ferriero is the 10th Archivist of the United States and Head of the National Archives and Record Administration, including the Presidential Libraries. We explore the linkages between open government and record-keeping public data as well as how social media is challenging the notions of what defines a ‘record’.


The community as first responder: Social media in local emergencies

The Black Saturday fires devastated Australia and shocked the world. Now, the Country Fire Authority of Victoria has become a leading example of the use of social media for emergency management, winning this year’s Australian eGovernment award.


When ROI = Return-On-Influence: Social communication for local government in Monmouthshire

From deploying Yammer for policy and program support, to creative use of YouTube for recruitment, and through to using QR codes to create the world’s first Wikipedia town, the UK’s Monmouthshire County Council is a leading example of how local government can move beyond social tech to social communication for internal and external engagement.


Revolution @ State: How new media is shaping diplomacy

In “Revolution @ State” Fergus Hanson – Visiting Fellow from The Brookings Institution – explores practical cases of what Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has called ‘creative diplomacy’ and 21st Century Statecraft.


“And / Also” – a hybrid approach to new media at USDA

Amanda Eamich from the US Department of Agriculture shares some insights into her approach to infusing new media into the agency’s communications mix.

Gwynne Kostin

Mobile Gov

Tune in for a conversation with Gwynne Kostin from the U.S. General Services Administration about new innovations in m-gov and the programs being developed by the GSA to support agencies in delivering of…

Ohio Citizen Action

Citizen action meets social media

Join us for a discussion with Angela Oster, director of online for Ohio Citizen Action. How are civic groups that built their membership with door to door and phone canvasses adapting to the…

Bryan Sivak

2.0 Meets Acts of Nature in Maryland

We talk with Bryan Sivak, new chief innovation officer for the State of Maryland, about innovating in government, and trying to keep a web-savvy citizenry up to speed during the recent DC-area earthquake…

Bob Fine

The First Social Media Print Magazine

Bob Fine, editor of The Big Book of Social Media, has done it again, launching the first print magazine devoted exclusively to social media. The first edition of “The Social Media Monthly” recently…

Paul Dombowsky

Ideas – and Cash – From the Crowd

Join Gov 2.0 Radio for a conversation with Paul Dombowsky, creator of Ideavibes and Fundchange, on crowdsourcing ideas and funding for social innovation. How you can use this episode Listen to the episode…

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