Sebastian James

Cook County’s Open Data Portal

Join Gov 2.0 Radio for a discussion talk with Cook County’s Deputy Director of New Media Sebastian James. We chat about about the launch of, and the challenges facing counties in moving…

Michael Lenczner

Montréal Ouvert – Open Data for Québec

When a small group of open data enthusiasts in Montreal wanted greater openness in government data they took matters into their own hands and created “Montréal Ouvert,” a multi-sector citizen-led initiative to increase…

Russell Wallace

Crowdfunding Public Works with CivicSponsor

Russell Wallace has a plan to bring crowdfunding to your neighborhood parks and other public works projects throughout the country. We talk with Russ about his new startup, CivicSponsor, and partnerships he’s developing…

Jeanne Holm

Data, Gov and the W3C

Join us for a conversation with Jeanne Holm, Evangelist for and Chair of the W3C eGovernment Interest Group.  We chat about some of the innovative ways in which data is being used…

Kristy Fifelski

Reno’s GovGirl

Join us for a chat with Kristy Fifelski, of and Kristy will shares with us the plans for Reno’s inaugural civic hackathon, as well as updating us on her GovGirl video…


Rethinking Municipal Websites

Join us for a discussion with Brett Husbands, CEO of Firmstep, and a look at the launch of Achieve City, a hosted Drupal solution for municipalities to quickly stand up a free website….


YouTown: Local Gov, Mobile

Join a conversation with Michael Riedyk and Sid Burgess from YouTown. We chat with Michael and Sid and how new mobile technologies and applications are bringing opportuities for service delivery and civic engagement…

W. David Stephenson

Data Dynamite

Join us for a conversation with W. David Stephenson about his new book, “Data Dynamite: how liberating information will transform our world”. “The book’s message is directly relevant to making structural changes rather…

Louis Shallal

Gov 2.0 and the Municipal CIO

Join us for a chat with Louis Shallal, CIO of the York Region in Canada and organiser of the massive MISA Ontario Conference on municipal IT and shared services.  Loius shares with us…


Civic technology issues explode onto the SF scene

From the first-known mayoral forum exclusively focused on open government and technology issues to CityCamp to the “Summer of Smart,” grassroots civic technology advocacy has taken off in a big way in San…

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