Creating a Commons for Europe

Inspired by programs such as Code For America, the newly-formed Commons4Europe program is working with seven cities to bring together government administrations, digital innovators, volunteers and local businesses to develop and push a civic transformation program. Esteve Almirall and Carles Ferreiro from the Commons4EU consortium, based in Barcelona, Spain, explain the integrated approach they’re taking to innovation and development across a diverse range of civic cultures.


The Power of Co – collaborative governance in a complex world

Most of the time, we talk about or experience collaboration in the context of a tangible project or an initiative, but how does it work when you are trying to progress an issue where there isn’t a known pathway? Max Hardy talks about the differences between consultation and collaboration, and how “inviting people into your dilemma” can lead to more enduring solutions, and how complexity theory can help shift your perspective.


Where Government 2.0 meets Society 2.0

In times of austerity and change, social technologies and new forms of collaboration enable governments, industry and citizens to create new opportunities and solve problems. In this special 2-part interview with Zachary Tumin from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s Belfer Centre, we look at how all parts of society can collaborate to innovate.


Open Technology Foundation: Sharing knowledge, standards and code

The Open Technology Foundation is a new Australian-based organisation that is a hub for technology and people networks in government to share, reuse and co-invest in open technology initiatives across the public sector.


Collaborative tech in emergency planning + response

Jessica Jackson and Michael Walter from the City of Houston’s Office of Emergency Management talk about the Southeast Texas Regional Technology Seminar & Fair, which has a focus on technology, best practices and regional collaboration in the area of emergency management and public safety.


Collaboration, Innovation and Social Media in Government

Join a great discussion of the Open Government Directive and Twitter, collaboration and ideation in government, with guests Jenn Gustetic from Phase One Consulting Group, Dave Briggs of Learning Pool, and Swimfish CIO…

Dan Munz

Collaboration and social media

Social media is just a toe in the water for Gov 2.0. Join Gov 2.0 Radio for a discussion with Dan Munz about the challenges and benefits of bringing collaboration to the government…

Scott Ryser

Creating Collaboration in Secure Environments

We discuss enterprise knowledge management and Web 2.0 with Scott Ryser, CEO of Yakabod. How you can use this episode Listen to the episode Share and feedback You can use the social sharing…


Collaborative Governance

Government 2.0 means increased transparency, open data and collaboration. Join us for a free-wheeling discussion with Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, and Marilyn Clark from the Federal Web Managers Social Media Sub-Council. How…

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