GTEC 2013 and the landscape of GovTech in Canada

Government Technology Exhibition and Conference (GTEC) is widely regarded as Canada’s pre-eminent Gov-Tech Conference. Thom Kearney and Richard Pietro talk to us about their experiences with the 2013 conference in October and, against that backdrop, discuss at how the govtech landscape is shifting in Canada.


Connecting citizens to civic performance in Edmonton

The City of Edmonton has launched a Citizen Dashboard on top of their open data catalogue. Ashley Casovan, Edmonton’s Strategic Coordinator for ICT, explains how the initiative is creating new insights for citizens as well as city officials about how the city is performing on delivery of a selection of key services.


Creating Gov 2.0 cut-through with leadership, trust and catalyst events

When the Government of British Columbia in Canada released their Government 2.0 Strategy, it built on their social communication experience during two key ‘catalyst events’: the H1N1 virus pandemic and the 2010 Winter Olympics.

David Eaves

Open Data Day and How to Do a Hackathon

Join us for a conversation with David Eaves about International Open Data Day, and his best advice on how to organize a hackathon – including the value of statisticians and project managers to…

Michael Lenczner

Montréal Ouvert – Open Data for Québec

When a small group of open data enthusiasts in Montreal wanted greater openness in government data they took matters into their own hands and created “Montréal Ouvert,” a multi-sector citizen-led initiative to increase…

Louis Shallal

Gov 2.0 and the Municipal CIO

Join us for a chat with Louis Shallal, CIO of the York Region in Canada and organiser of the massive MISA Ontario Conference on municipal IT and shared services.  Loius shares with us…

Chris Moore

Gov IT Innovations

Gov 2.0 trailblazer Chris J. Moore, CIO of the City of Edmonton in Canada, talks about cultural change in municipal agencies, open innovation in government IT, and collaborating across the globe to put…

Open Gov West

Open Gov West and Beyond 2010

Gillian Vrooman and Nick Charney talk about the upcoming Open Gov West B.C. Also in this episode, a discussion of the global Beyond 2010 conference and unconferences for government in general. Feature image…

Annie Crombie

e-Gov and Gov 2.0 in Canada

Join a with Annie Crombie, founder of ReThink Strategic Consulting about metrics, web strategy, social media and G2B. Also in this episode, a discussion about CityCampSF and Gov 2.0 LA. How you can…

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