About Gov 2.0 Radio

Gov 2.0 Radio has been called “the podcast of a movement.”

Founded in early 2009, Gov 2.0 Radio has quietly grown to be one of the preeminent Internet sources on all things “connected government”… e-gov, gov 2.0 and open gov.

Our audience includes technologists, bureaucrats and government change-makers looking to improve how our governments function through the smart application of connective technology and the communication potential of new media.

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It’s about the voices of connected government

We think it’s important that government practitioners, civic leaders and public innovators are part of an ongoing conversation about how to make government more consultative, participatory and transparent, and how to leverage the views, knowledge, skills and resources of the wider community in creating a more connected public sphere.

To make sense of this, we talk about everything ’2.0′ as an integral part of connected government.

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Our plans for the future

G2R is where thought leaders, decision makers and innovators hear what each other have to say own important trends, and our goal is to help a much wider community inside and outside government to “find their voice” around their passions and concerns for connected government.

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