Connecting citizens to civic performance in Edmonton

The City of Edmonton has launched a Citizen Dashboard on top of their open data catalogue. Ashley Casovan, Edmonton’s Strategic Coordinator for ICT, explains how the initiative is creating new insights for citizens as well as city officials about how the city is performing on delivery of a selection of key services.

edmonton dashboard

The Dashboard enables Edmonton-ains (and others) to use  simple visualisations or dig deeper to look at performance measurement data as well as the legislation underpinning them.

I think this has really set a precedent for making performance measures really understandable.

ashley casovanAbout Ashley Casovan

Ashley is the Strategic Coordinator for the Chief Information Officer at the City of Edmonton. Passionate about creating open government and enhancing community engagement, she is currently working on several innovative projects within the Information Technology Branch, the City of Edmonton and beyond. Prior to working with the City of Edmonton, Ashley was a political organizer in Canada and the United States. Outside work, Ashley is an active board member with Next Gen, Equal Voice Alberta North, and the Institute of Public Administration, Canada’s New Public Servant Committee.

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On gaining organisational support for open data activities:

On lessons learned from the citizen dashboard so far:

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