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Say ‘hi’ to Gov 2.0 Radio!
Say 'hi' to Gov 2.0 Radio!

For four years, Gov 2.0 Radio has been where thought leaders and decision-makers, practitioners and civic innovators have come to tune in to important trends.

Voices for proactive innovation and change

We're emerging as not just a podcast but a place where people can learn to find their voice on "connected government" in all its forms... e-gov, gov 2.0, open gov and more... as well as on shaping positive change through innovation in the public sphere.

We aspire to challenge thinking that's become too stale and - while we aren't a solutions provider - to provide signposts to where sustainable solutions may lie.

Our vision is that by being an effective, useful and respected channel, we can play a small role in accelerating positive change where it's most needed.

Tech enabling cultural shifts

It's no news that connective tech is one of the most powerful enablers within every public jurisdiction - both within the community of government as well as between government and its publics.


But the technology is only an enabler and, for us, Gov 2.0 and open gov are important cultural shifts in the way we all - that’s all of us - do government.

The vision of sound

We aim to broaden the podcast distribution as widely and equitably as possible.  Video is funky, but we like audio because it's  easier, cheaper and faster to capture and showcase candid, emerging practice.  Audio is also  low bandwidth and has a lower barrier to entry for many people.  This is key to making more Gov 2.0 Radio content more accessible - not only in those agencies with limited net access but, importantly, to practitioners in emerging economies as well.

We're about amplifying the voices of connected government & public innovation.

Our goal for Gov 2.0 Radio is to help a wide community inside and outside government to “find their voice” around their passions and concerns for connected government.

If you’d like to be part of our continuing conversation, please subscribe to updates and join in through comments and social sharing.

Gov 2.0 Radio podcast collection
Gov 2.0 Radio podcast collection

The Gov 2.0 Radio team is working to develop new ways that the existing library of audio content plus our new material can be of added value to our listeners.  We remain absolutely committed to Gov 2.0 Radio content being available for FREE as well as streamed via partner channels and sites.  

Some of the ways you can make smart use of Gov 2.0 Radio include:


 Check out our library of topic episodes for inspiring interviews and innovation case studies.  You can now search and sort by topic, country or level of government.

 Follow our regular podcasts - you can search by category or tag

 Register for our email news bulletin and don’t miss an episode or updates.


 Use your favorite social media tools to like or share our podcast news or audio library of topic episodes.  You'll find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Delicious and other networks (including GovLoop).

 Add comments to any news or topic episode to feedback your thoughts to fellow listeners.

The Gov 2.0 Radio formats

Our podcast formats can be seen in several ways:

 NewsChat: Pre-2012 Gov 2.0 Radio episodes were typically a NewsChat format - a mix of commentary on news of the day followed by a topical feature interview.  

 Topic interviews: Episodes featuring dedicated topic discussions with guests exploring their subject matter expertise, supported by value-added online resources.  These focus on specific topics and often with a focus on country or level of government.

 Event segments: Special coverage of events – live where possible or pre-and post-recorded with support social media streams.

Producer's Choice
Connecting citizens to civic performance in Edmonton
April 9, 2013 · Canada, Civic, Open Data

Connecting citizens to civic performance in Edmonton

The City of Edmonton has launched a Citizen Dashboard on top of their open data catalogue. Ashley Casovan, Edmonton’s Strategic Coordinator for ICT, explains how the initiative is creating new insights for citizens as well as city officials about how the city is performing on delivery of a selection of key services.

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