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There is no point in doing any of these other methods if you don’t stop the accumulation of the THC in the first place. You will have the best chance if you begin this process 30 days before your test, but especially if you only have one week, you must immediately stop every method of using marijuana. Buying from Clear Drug Tests can help with everything you need to pass a drug testing. But that alone definitely won’t ensure you can pass your test, and you need to everything possible to lower the concentration of THC in your body.

Detox kits

If your budget allows it, purchase a detox kit (like Ultra Mask or Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse) that are specially formulated to help you pass your drug test by flushing out all the THC. It’s helpful if you buy a gnc marijuana detox kit for passing a drug test. These pre-mixed detox drinks can be expensive but they are an effective solution, and many people can attest to successfully passing tests with these products. Remember that the amount you need depends on how much you weigh, and you have to follow their guidelines to get an effective dose.

The drinks are generally taken on an empty stomach, and they work by detoxing your body of the THC and making you pee it all out. If you can only do one course of these detox kits, you should try to do it pretty close to the time of your test, 3 to 4 hours before, and try to pee as many times as you can before going into the office. Cheating a urinalysis depend on getting the levels of THC in your urine below that crucial threshold. The more you can increase how much urine you have without increasing the concentration of the THC, the better the chance of squeaking by below that line.

Lemon Juice

If you can’t afford the detox kit (or just want to double up your efforts to increase your chances of passing the test), try a natural alternative with lemon juice. It can help because lemon juice is high in Vitamin C, which is a natural detoxifier and it’s known to help with cleaning out your body. Obviously, the taste is horrible and will make you gag, that’s going to be the hardest part. But mix it with water and chug as much as you can stand. You may be tempted to buy the lemon juice concentrate, but this is pasteurized so it has less Vitamin C and it’s not going to work as well as the real deal. For real results, squeeze fresh lemons and use the juice.


In the weeks or days before your test, you want to be drinking plenty of water to help your body flush out that THC. Don’t overdo it–there is such a thing as drinking too much water, and this can lead to water intoxication. But try to drink a gallon of water regularly spaced throughout the day. On the day of the test itself, while you should drink water and try to pee before the test, there is a danger of overdoing it here as well because your test may be marked inconclusive if it contains too much water.

Your urine sample will be evaluated first on the basis of how it looks, and if it’s too clear, it will be obvious you tried to dilute it. It will also be tested for the presence of creatine–this by-product of the kidney needs to be sufficiently concentrated or, again, it’s considered diluted, but this is possible to cheat with the use of creatine supplements. Finally, it has to be dense enough, which is why you do have to be careful not to overdo it with drinking water on the test day itself. In short, drinking water is not a very reliable method for getting yourself out of this conundrum but it can definitely help, and you need to add it to the list of everything else you’re doing.

Avoid Fatty Foods and Red Meat

Part of getting your body clean is going to staying away from certain foods like red meat, junk food, fried foods, and anything too fatty. Remember that THC is absorbed by fat cells. You’re trying to get rid of it, not trap what’s left by eating fatty foods. Anything cooked with grease, like fast food, is an absolute no. And the reason to avoid red meat is that along with being fatty. Its so dense and difficult to digest, the THC can stick to it. You want to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, hydrating foods that can help your body cleanse itself of all impurities including THC.…

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